About Us

The Why Behind Curlys

Curlys on the Boardwalk” was inspired to life by Danny and Jan Gray to celebrate the life of their son Clinton ‘Curly’ Gray.

Curly left this world in 2005 at the vibrant age of 29, yet whilst alive he contributed so much. Curly left it in such a better place because of the way he chose to live life. Curly truly believed that life was a journey; an adventure, and that every minute was to be lived to its fullest.

Whether it was time laughing with mates, helping a complete stranger, or creating a ‘magic moment’ with one of the thousands of customers that he served in his many roles in hospitality, Curly made a difference to everyone that he met.

Curly would love to know that whilst at “Curlys On The Boardwalk”, that you make every moment matter, enrich your friendships, be present with the magnificence of the Sunshine Coast and be grateful for this amazing planet and the opportunity it provides to live life.

Now at Curlys, there is a dedicated team of people who live and breathe this philosophy and carry on his zest for life.

Curlys Parchment